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Boiler/Water Heater Draft

Eliminate multiple chimneys and roof penetrations, reduce chimney diameter, overcome long horizontal vent connectors, combine atmospheric and power burners in common vent, common vent fan-assisted boilers and water heaters. More Info



Boiler/Water Heater Combustion Air
Eliminate large louvered openings in buildings, duct combustion air from distant locations, maintain neutral mechanical room pressure, proportional, on-demand combustion air. More Info


Central Exhaust Shaft Serving Multiple Floors
Maintain negative pressure for entire exhaust vent. Automatically modulates to accommodate number of rage hoods in operation. Eliminate backflow to adjacent floors. Reduce exhaust vent diameter. More Info

Multi Family and Commercial Dryer Exhaust
CPC-3 controlled inducers and blowers modulate to "perfectly" exhaust common vented clothes dryers, regardless of the number of dryers operating.

Commercial Dryer Makeup Air 
More Info