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Specifications for Flex Hose - Master Spec

February 4, 2015

Specifying innovative, high quality products and solutions for your piping system just became simpler.  Flex-Hose specifications, submittals, instruction manuals, and product catalogs are now on Master Spec. 


Specifying engineers, design build contractors and sales engineers seek reliable specifications to use for projects, making efficient use of billable hours; adding to your profitability.  Flex-Hose has decided to utilize Master Spec as an additional resource for customers to find and use their specifications and product information.


Flex-Hose has served our industry for forty-eight years providing solutions for critical applications in piping systems.  They proudly manufacture products in East Syracuse, NY, USA.  They currently hold three US patents and six trademarks. 


Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best resources, services and products that the industry has to offer.  We are certain that we can assist you in making your next project a profitable success.

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