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Webinar Trainings Anytime

During these times of isolation most of our manufacturers have turned to online training resources.  Each are approximately 1 hour with live instructor lead material.  Please contact us to coordinate the best time for your schedule.


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Taco has several training topics to choose from:

  • Calcs, pipe sizing, pressure drop & Cv – ‘calculated’ right
  • Circulator facts, curves and selection
  • ECM essentials, “from 3 to 300 GPM” (1.5 hr)
  • Efficient & Effective DHW Re-Circ, advanced design course (4.5 hrs)
  • *DHW re-circ essentials; “Know why the ‘system’ is failing
  • Buffer tank sizing; Its all about the mass
  • Indirect DHW sizing, “with expectations met”
  • Mod-Con Boiler piping and Primary pump sizing focus

Commercial Focused Courses

  • Expansion tank sizing and considerations
  • ECM Essentials, 0034e series, Big VRs & 1915e (3 hrs)
  • Commercial ECM Essentials (LnL)
  • Commercial Piping & Plumbing of Mod-Con boilers
  • *DHW Re-circ essentials "Know why the system is failing"

*(DHW) 2 Part series 1 hour each session


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PSi Training

PSi believes in training! The more our customers know, the better quality systems will be designed, built, and maintained. Presented here are both PSi & Factory training tools.

Factory Training

  Armstrong University provides an online learning environment enabling team members to access modules covering topics from steam basics and water hammer to condensate drainage and piping principles.

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Aerco Factory Training
Direct Fired Start-Up & Service (SST) Certification
SST Recertification & Refresher
Modulex Certification
End-User/Owner Training  

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Recent Washington Training Class Materials

Piping System and IBC/ASCE Requirements Presentation

Thermal Expansion Piping System - Part 1

Thermal Expansion Piping System - Part 2



 Factory Certified Service Technician (CST) Training


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