Energy Recovery


Air Cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps

Water Cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps

Fan coil units

Heat recovery and energy recovery

ventilators, and air exchangers

Energy recovery ventillator,



VRF Indoor and Outdoor


Air Handling



Custom air handling and

packaged DX units

(WA, AK, Northern Idaho)

Vertical unit ventilator, self-contained

AC & heat pumps

(Washington & Alaska)

Chilled beams and chilled



Custom air handling units and raised-

floor and overhead distribution units

Custom air handlng to 250,000cfm

 Laminar-flow air barriers


Direct- and indirect-fired air management


Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment

Indirect/direct evaporative coolers,

air handlers, and ventilators

Cooling Towers

Fiberglass cooling towers, heavy duty corrosion

resistant construction, modular expandability

Humidity Control


Conditioned steam, direct fire,

electronic, gas fired, specialized 

dispersion, humidifiers


Compressed air and pressurized

water for atomization humidification

Refrigeration-based dehumidifiers,

dedicated outdoor systems

that provide humidity solutions



Chloramine capture system

 Humidity Control