Rovanco - Pre-insulated piping



Urethane Foam Pre-Insulated Pipe
Revolutionized the industry with systems capable of carrying liquids at controlled temperatures from -350F to 250F and with a K factor less than half that of ordinary insulation. More Info




PEX Flexible Pipe (Rhinoflex)
Rhinoflex pre-insulated PEX and Polyethylene comes in the longest lengths available from any supplier. The long lengths result in few or no underground joints and up to 60% less labor. That can be an installed cost savings of 25% to 40%!  More Info

Pre Fabricated Manholes
Typical projects include all required components; valves, steam traps, expansion joints and insulation. More Info

High Temperature Conduit
Designed to distribute steam, condensate, high temperature hot water, process fluids and fuel oil.  More Info

Containment Pipe
Rovanco Containment Pipe® has been developed to provide a means to contain fluids that may leak out of a primary pipe, preventing the material from endangering personnel or contaminating the soil, ground water or air. More Info