Schebler - Venting


Because boilers are essential to comfortably heated workplaces, hospitals and recreation sites - or providing energy for running manufacturing - all aspects of their assembly are critical to efficient operation. And that includes a safe and reliable chimney/exhaust system. More Info



Hot Water Heaters Solutions
For positive venting of air, gases and excess H2O, select from these factory-made, easily installed double-wall chimneys. Benefits include extended equipment life, reduced installation time and expense, and continuous seal welding for leak-proof joints and maximum strength. More Info


Generator Exhaust Solutions
For venting generator exhaust above the roof line and dampening appliance noise, select from these prefabricated, UL-listed, positive pressure chimney systems from Schebler. They will design your system per NFPA 37 standard, including pressure relief valve, bellow sections for expansion and supports where required. More Info


Grease Duct Solutions
Schebler can size the grease duct diameter based on fan CFM in the system, and offer even and odd diameters to allow optimum performance. During design, they will locate clean-outs where needed, as well as supports and expansion options and your UL-listed system will be designed per NFPA 96 and IMC 2006. More Info

eVent Dual Seal